Christ Church Longbridge Evangelical Church

Branding, Web


Christ Church Longbridge is a new church established in the old Land Rover world of Longbridge. They have no building of their own so needed a strong identity that would carry across all their materials and on Sundays when services were on. The church wanted to fit in to it's community and identify with it. They also required a website to publicise their whereabouts and any events they may have on as well as it being the first port of call for those with questions about the church.



The identity created was heavily influenced by the heritage of the Longbridge site and used the shapes and colours of its history to form a memorable look and feel.

The shape is based on a wheel nut, very common in manufacturing and the grey colour signifies the oil and dirt of the trade. This is complimented with a bright, energetic gold colour which envokes thoughts of new life and vibrancy.

The website itself is clean and to the point. This is in line with a community that is straight talking and no-nonsense, the gold and grey is carried through on calls to action and buttons and imagery of Longbridge is used to better identify with the locals.

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