Christ Church Deeside



Having built their original site a number of years ago, Christ Church Deeside were looking to refresh their church website design and to make their site mobile friendly. Since the last website they had produced lots of new media that they have sued with the community and wanted a place for those things to go. Most especially the use of video on the site. The admin area of the site needed updating and made a lot more user friendly with updating and adding content easier to manage.



The website is built on wordpress using a bespoke church web design, designed and built from scratch just for the church. Editable image and content areas are easy to use and there are extra areas such as thought for the week and testimonies.

There are also big highlight areas for the latest news, Christianity Explored and the video the church created to introduce themselves. In all it has the perfect blend of aesthetics and personality with many visual cues to the local area.

The site is fully responsive so it works well across all screen sizes making very a good user experience.

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