Bell Communications

Branding, Web


Bell Communications is a new telecommunications company setup by a team of years of experience. having decided to form this new company, they needed branding and a site that was to be seen as professional and serious as they would be approaching big organisations who they have worked with previously. They would also need to gain new customers on a more local scale to ensure the growth and diversity of the business.



The branding style was clear and memorable with a strong sans serif font for the main text and the rolling ‘b’ which could be used seperately on marketing materials and as an icon for the company. This carried across to stationery and a van wrap for employees.

The website was used to introduce users and ptential new customers to the varied services on offer and also make use of SEO for these keywords. Aiming at a more local audience initially, the content is aimed at meeting a customers problems and how to solve them.

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