Artillery St Evangelical Church

Branding, Web


Artillery Street is a church that is very enthusiastic about being part of the community and were eager to show the church and its activities in as good a light as possible. The church itself is hidden in a side street and so the website is one of its primary ways of reaching people. They needed branding that reflected their congregation but something that stood out. They also required a website that was easy to use, could add activities on the go and be able to upload the latest sunday sermons which could be downloaded by anyone.



The branding used the ‘A’ of Artillery as a main focal point with its custom font giving the feel ofa  church with history and core values. The yellow on black idea is to give it real contrast and an ‘in your face’ feel.

The site is built on WordPress and has a two menu system. The main top menu for the site contents, a secondary menu underneath the header banner with four site highlights drawing attention to big areas of the site. A balance between a modern usable site and staying true to the the churches small but friendly congregation was struck with good use of imagery.

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